Recruiting a new tester

So it’s back to one of those challenges again, I needed to recruit a tester. They didn’t need to be hugely experienced, or possess any sort of specialisation, so that was a plus at least.

We have an unusual recruitment process at work so that always adds to the challenge of getting the right person. We had the normal run of the mill applications, we spend quite a lot of time looking at people’s covering letters, and seeing what they tell us about the applicants. Quite often a poor covering letter will mean we don’t interview someone, as it doesn’t tell us the person has the qualities and skills that we are looking for in a role.

It might sound harsh, but if your first contact with us, your covering letter, doesn’t sell why you are the best possible person for the job, and this means talking about actual experiences that highlight all those great skills and qualities, not just saying, you’re a team player, tell us why. What experiences show that’s the case. Anyone can write a bunch of buzz words on a letter, you need to support them. Then we may pass you over to interview someone who can tell us why they are such a great catch for us. I love some enthusiasm in a covering letter, but it needs to be directed, know what a company does, find out what you’d be doing, call up, ask, do some research, stand out. If you don’t have work experience that show’s why you are ideal for the job, use personal experience or a time in education when you shined in a club or society.  Yes, those extracurricular things are really handy. You have to looks for ways of show you stand out from the crowd. Expect to get asked about them, if you have done awesome stuff we will want to know more, and we’ll dig deep for things that tell us about who you are as a person.

If you really want a job, show us why, if you are just applying, you may well find you lose out to someone with a passion for the role, they will sell themselves some much better.