Training New Testers

So as my more regular readers will be aware, at work, we are changing some major systems for something a bit more modern. This means more testing is required than my test team is able to do. So we’ve recruited some more people to test. I decided that the  best approach for this was to recruit internally for people who had the familiarity with the business processes that are impacted by the software change that I could teach how to test.

Now there are obvious risks to this approach, my ability to assess someone’s ability to learn quickly, have an appropriate mindset for good quality testing, my ability to train them, the list goes on. However, I felt that connection with the business was worth the risk, the ability to see what’s going to be a challenge in the departments, and what’s going to work well, plus the increased trust for the business by having key people involved in the testing process.

So the challenge that I have is to train them all to be great testers, well as great as I can help them be. There are plenty of great resources out there, videos, blog, books etc. However there are 5 of them, and we have to be testing the system at the same time as I’m training them. So I recruited them all earlier than I actually needed them, so they could start learning before it became critical. My first step was to get them to watch James Bach’s open lecture, I used this as a starting point as James has an engaging style of presentation, and the lecture covers some of the basic challenges in testing in an easy to understand way, with little need for the watcher to already understand testing or a great deal about software development. I also ran some training on the basic housekeeping tasks that make up the test process we are using here, session notes, timings, bug reporting etc. Plus a have a small selection of books that they can borrow which cover aspects of testing.  We also have regular open discussions about testing where we can share what we have learnt, and ask questions about how to do things. I’ve also given each of them a cheat sheet with some helpful heuristics and information about data types.

I have also encouraged them to spend a little time every week on some self-directed learning about software testing, which I ask them about, and when they have found something that is useful to the team to share it with them. I have also encouraged them to just log into the system, have a poke about, see how stuff works, and practice session note taking while doing so. This has been of great use, it’s uncovered a few bugs, and given me the chance to run a few debrief’s, and provide some feedback on both the notes they have taken and how they have thought about what they were doing while logged into the system.  My next challenge is to give them a grounding in some test methodologies, without confusing them, so they can start applying differing approaches to what they are doing.


How have you approached training new testers? Do you have ready-made material or favoured techniques?

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